Centenary City Abuja

Centenary Economic City

Goods may be landed, stored, handled, manufactured or reconfigured and re-exported under favorable customs regulation and generally not subject to customs duty.

Showcasing the economic city and benefits

A World Class Modern City

Also known as a free zone (FZ) and modeled after Dubai – gives your business exemption from the normal regime applicable in Nigeria, particularly regarding  prohibitive Customs duty and tax. Centenary City Abuja is business friendly.

Showcasing the economic city and benefits

Strategically Located in Abuja

Regulations liberalize investment procedures and approval process, thereby eliminating bureaucratic bottlenecks, regulatory procedures and approvals in Nigeria.

  1. Showcasing the economic city and benefits

    Optimize Foreign Direct Investment

    Legislative provisions pertaining to taxes, levies, duties and foreign exchange regulations shall not apply. Enjoy the freedom to drive new enterprise and achieve rapid growth.

  2. Showcasing the economic city and benefits

    Maintain Complete Control of Your Money

    Repatriation of foreign capital investment at any time with capital appreciation of the investment. Ensure your assets are protected at all times in Centenary City Abuja.

  3. Showcasing the economic city and benefits

    Reassure Foreign Investor Confidence

    Remittance of profits and dividends earned by foreign investors; no import or export licenses shall be required.

  4. Showcasing the economic city and benefits

    Gain Access to a Massive Domestic Market

    Up to 25% of production may be sold in Nigeria against a valid permit and on payment of appropriate duties.

  5. Showcasing the economic city and benefits

    Minimize Investment Risk

    Up to 100% foreign ownership of business is permitted in Centenary City Abuja.

  6. Showcasing the economic city and benefits

    Avoid Local Content Staffing Requirements

    Foreign managers and qualified personnel may be employed by companies in the EPZs.

The Master Plan

The Comparative Advantages

Centenary City Abuja
-Liberalized Investment Procedures
-Eased Approval Processes
-Eliminated Bureaucratic Bottlenecks
Centenary City Abuja
-Close Proximity to International Airport
-Eased Access & Logistics to Seaports
-Extensive Internal Road Network
Centenary City Abuja
-Huge Nigerian Consumer Market
-Population Over 200 Million
-ECOWAS Population over 250 Million
Centenary City Abuja
-Strategic Global Trade Arrangements
-World Trade Organization, ECOWAS
-Commonwealth of Nations, D-8 Organization
Centenary City Abuja
-Abundant Natural And
Raw Material Resources


Centenary City Abuja
-Labor & Employment Incentives
-Employee Strikes Prohibited
-Internal Trade Dispute Resolution

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