Centenary City Abuja

Centenary City is the only mixed used master planned free zone in Abuja, located in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.


Centenary City situated in the heart of the new Abuja City – Nigeria and designed to provide a sense of community that has all the modern facilities of a city in tranquil and village settings.


Our communities offer an ambiance of a healthy living lifestyle and provide all amenities such as Parks, Sports fields, Schools, and a Range Safari needed to live life to the fullest throughout the abundant greenery expanses of our development.

By 2050 Nigeria Will Be The  3rd Most Populous Country In The World


Annual Growth 1.94%


Quarterly Growth 4.29%


Current Population 201 Million


Current GDP 500 Billion USD


One Of The Fastest Growing Cities 53% Between 2010-2016

The Great Nation of Nigeria  boasts the largest GDP in Africa and is ranked as the world’s 26th largest economy – thanks to its position as a center for commerce, heritage and modern living within the continent.


Welcoming residents and visitors from around the world, Nigeria has also been identified as a regional power in Africa, and is considered to be an emerging market by the World Bank. A country with a rich heritage and bold culture, Nigeria is ready to take its historic roots further into the urban area of living.


ABUJA – The capital city of Nigeria: Abuja is one of the wealthiest cities in the country, representing one of the region’s most successful capitals. An increasingly popular venue for businesses and commercial expansion, Abuja represents the region’s growth as a place for modern living and trade.
Centenary City Abuja