Centenary City Abuja

5 Reasons to Invest – Centenary City Abuja

Today we will learn 5 reasons to invest in Centenary City Abuja. A lot of people have asked what has happened to Centenary City. They are not seeing anything that has happened. So we came today to speak with someone who took us around to show us what development they’ve made that people are not seeing. Join us as we go on an interactive tour of Centenary City Abuja and learn more about some of the unseen progress that has been made thus far in the process.


Onsite Location

On this tour, we take the new access road to reach The Grove and The Villa Royale. These are two estates designed within the first phase of the project Master Plan.

Infrastructure Development

The required infrastructure needed before structures are actually ready to be raised from the ground have been completed such as:

  • Roads
  • Drainage
  • Water Systems
  • Gas Lines
  • Plot Demarcations

The Grove

The Grove is the first co-development project to be launched in Centenary City, allowing investors to secure their interest and have a piece of the City. 236 units have already been launched, with construction already under way on some units.

Previous Development Challenges

Some of the challenges that have delayed to scheduled timeline of the project were also discussed, both domestic and foreign issues. The expected benefits and value addition that the project will give the nation were also addressed.

5 Reasons to Invest in Centenary City Abuja

  1. They have overcome the government obstacle.
  2. They have started to project, particularly the supporting infrastructure.
  3. Houses are still available.
  4. It is a free trade zone which minimizes tax exposure.
  5. Early investors stand to make the most profit later as property value increases with development.

Showcasing the economic city and benefits