Centenary City Dr. Ike Odenigwe

Centenary City Interview – AMOI Unplugged

An exclusive interview with the Chairman of the Board Retired General Abdulsalami Abubakar and Managing Director of Centenary City Dr. Ike Odenigwe.

AMOI Unplugged Exploring Diversity is a show that focuses on the efforts and milestones geared towards the diversification of Nigeria’s economy. Join Chioma Ikejiani as she delves into the story, background and future of Centenary City Abuja.

Centenary City Interview Details

You’ve probably heard of it. A smart city to be situated within the Abuja Federal Capital Territory, and built along the same lines as Dubai, Singapore and Morocco. We’re talking about Centenary City Abuja. But what does this mean for Nigeria’s economy? On the show, to answer this question and more is the board Chairman, General Abdulsalami Abubakar Retired and the Managing Director, Dr. Ike Odenigwe.


Showcasing the economic city and benefits

Topics Discussed

Topics include the inception and rationale of the Centenary City Project, the size and layout of the master plan, the vision and goal of the city’s economic diversification, the free trade zone status, local content and potential job creation, infrastructure development and amenities, security, investment opportunities, the phased development strategy and the schedule implications, the agility of the project to plan and adjust to evolving environmental challenges, and more.

Showcasing the economic city and benefits

Showcasing the economic city and benefits